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You're a bright young captain sent on a mission of dire importance. Explore the galaxy and discover the source behind the increased asteroid activity! Is the universe as we know it coming to an end? Is there a diabolical plot developing? Most of all, where are all these space billboards coming from and are they related?


ADsteroids is incredibly simple to pick up and play. Touch and hold the screen to fly up. Let go to fly down. The deceptively easy controls, however, don't mean your journey will be a smooth flight. New obstacles will stand before you every step of the way. Shifting gravity, dense asteroid fields, spacetime anomilies, and more will come between you and your search for the truth. Luckily, you can outfit your ship with upgrades and even craft fully automated drones to help you in your quest.

ADsteroids is completely free and has no in app purchasing. There are a few ads you'll encounter throughout the game and I'm pretty sure they were put there by the Professional Advertising Intergalactic Network also known as P.A.I.N.

I wonder if they are the evil masterminds behind it all?

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